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Lawyers face more regulatory, compliance and ethics challenges than ever before. Moreover everyday we have to confront the tension between professionalism and commercialism. And when you consider those issues against the backdrop of a rapidly, ever changing market, then it is difficult deliver your services in a fully compliant and ethical way. Few set out to be non-compliant and yet that are few organisations that can point to a completely clean bill of health

This site is about ethics, compliance  and business ideas for lawyers. On theses pages you will find themes, thoughts and practical suggestions about how you can meet some of these challenges. As a writer and regular speaker about 21st Century legal services, I advocate a radical and dynamic approach to the way business lawyers carry on the business of law and can increase their creativity..

Please follow my blog or me on Twitter for the latest thinking and commentary on recent developments in the law. You can also follow me via Linkedin.

I also provide consultancy services. I work with Enderley Consulting to provide compliance, regulatory and strategic advice. You can read about that work by visiting their website. I regularly speak at training events and conferences. For my latest programme, see this page.

Ian Jones

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